Todd Liston
Student Ministries Pastor

Our family likes to play sports, snow ski, host folks in our home, and have fun with our children. We enjoy large gatherings of people that include food and fellowship with a few games thrown in or just sitting around swapping stories of God’s faithfulness. Any opportunity to connect with others in the name of Jesus is a true blessing.

Sharon Liston

I teach everyday with fear and trembling because I know I am helping young minds grow and learn and I don’t take that lightly.  What I like most about teaching, though , is watching young people grow to the point of desiring to learn, work hard and see God’s potential in themselves.  I taught my own children at home and enjoyed watching them grow both academically and spiritually.  They challenged our growth as they were all so different and enjoyed different things (although we all love basketball).  When I am not teaching, I still love hanging out with all my children ranging in age from 28 to 16.  How wonderfully I’ve been blessed!  We enjoy biking , hiking, snow skiing, and playing games together.  Idaho has been a great place for my family to grow and play.

Debbi Boone

What do I love about teaching?
I love to teach because I believe that I am impacting another generation to hunger and thirst for Truth, the truth of God, His Word, and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

I love to teach so that students are inspired to think and to think critically.

I love to teach so that students are challenged to grow in God’s purpose for them.  So that they learn to avoid the complacency and apathy of the culture that surrounds them.

I love to teach so that students learn to hunger and thirst for God and His righteousness.

What do I do when I am not teaching?
Read, Study God’s word, bake, walk/run, Hike, spend time with friends

What do I like about living in Idaho?
Spending time in the outdoors.

Rick Markle

What do I love about teaching?
I would have to say the atmosphere in the classroom.  Most of the students are very eager to learn.  They challenge me every day and they keep me on my toes.  Some of the questions they ask are things I did not anticipate.  I must react quickly and provide a complete and true answer.  One thing about High School students is that they are not willing to just accept something you say.  You often need to provide evidence and proof that your ideas are correct.  That character of this environment alone stimulates me to progress in my knowledge and abilities.

What do you like to do when you are not teaching?
I participate in some outdoor recreational activities such as fishing and short hikes.  I also enjoy woodworking.  Reading is something I enjoy when I am not engaged in one of these other activities.

What is your favorite thing about living in Idaho?
The multitude of recreational opportunities.  You can be in the mountains or fishing within about thirty minutes.  I also enjoy the open spaces.  

Thomas Miller

What do I like about teaching?
It is a privilege given by God to instruct the next generation in the admonition of the Lord; to instruct and discuss his Word with the aim of instilling in these wonderful young people the tools and discipline necessary to live the life that Jesus intended that his followers lead in this hostile and sinful world.

What do I like to do when I am not teaching?
Actually, I try to always teach, and when I am not actually engaged in it, I am reading and writing in preparation for teaching; whether Providence High School classes or one of the three bible study groups my wife and I conduct. To facilitate that, my wife and I often retreat, when we can, to our travel trailer and go camping.

What do I like about living in Idaho?
I have rarely been in a place so alluring as to nature, scenery, and peace. I was called here by God to preach, teach, and live. All in all, I love Idaho more so than any other place I have ever lived.

Karis Liston

What do I love about teaching?
I love getting to share my love of Spanish and Nutrition with my students. I also love laughing at all the funny things they say…they can be quite hilarious.

What do I do when I am not teaching?
When I am not teaching, I have a second job as a barista. I love coffee; making drinks, trying new combinations, making suggestions to my customers, all of it!

What do I love about Idaho?
I like being outdoors, so I enjoy all the activities that Idaho has to offer: hiking, kayaking, bike riding, skiing, and camping.

Julianne Veal
Debra Evans
David Palmer