About Us

Providence School Overview

Providence High School is a private Christian school focused on grades 9th to 12th. We believe in offering rigorous instruction while maintaining a Biblical worldview throughout. Our teachers are all volunteer and are passionate about their subject, about a relationship with Jesus, and about the students.  Families are encouraged to register for one or more classes depending on their educational needs and objectives. Providence is able to offer the courses needed for students to earn a high school diploma and fully prepare them to enter college.

Our Mission & Vision

Providence High School exists by the grace of God to glorify Jesus Christ. We strive to provide an alternative educational approach through a semester-based calendar, college type class schedule, and teachers passionate about their subject and their students.


At this time, Providence High School does not offer diplomas accredited by the state of Idaho. This is due to the desire to keep costs low and Biblical content high.


Todd Liston – Student Ministries Pastor

Todd ListonWhat a great privilege, to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in ministry to and with teenagers and their families. In addition, we have the blessing of serving Him here in Idaho alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ who comprise Central Valley Baptist. Sharon and I are also blessed with seven children who are truly from the Lord.

Our family likes to play sports, snow ski, host folks in our home, and have fun with our children. We enjoy large gatherings of people that include food and fellowship with a few games thrown in or just sitting around swapping stories of God’s faithfulness. Any opportunity to connect with others in the name of Jesus is a true blessing.

Since 1993, we have endeavored to be faithful to God’s will and purposes by serving churches in Idaho, Utah and Texas. Part of our ministry includes helping to equip students and their families to join God in reaching every people group with the Gospel. We love to be used of God in missions, and have had opportunities to give to mission efforts, pray for missionaries, and go on domestic and international mission trips. Joining with students and their families along with other Christ followers, we strive to give glory to God in fulfilling the great commandment and the great commission to build a great student ministry.

Sharon Liston – Principle

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