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Providence High School exists by the grace of God to glorify Jesus Christ.

Private School

Christian School

Being a private Christian school, we strive to provide an alternative educational approach through a semester-based calendar, college type class schedule, and teachers passionate about their subject and their students.  Small class sizes allow for more one on one interaction between student and teacher.  Parents who are struggling with the choice between public, private, and home education have an option more tailored to the family needs, or the student’s desire for the pursuit of higher education in the future.  There is more than one way to provide the opportunity for an education, and Providence High School at Central Valley is exploring the possibilities of new ways to do just that.

Different Approach

Providence High School is different in its approach to a high school education.  We believe in offering rigorous instruction while maintaining a Biblical worldview throughout.  Our teachers are all volunteer and are passionate about their subject, about a relationship with Jesus and about the students.  Families are allowed to register for one class or more depending on their educational needs.  Providence is able to offer the basic courses needed for students to earn a high school diploma and fully prepare them to enter college if the student desires.